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The life of a dedicated tennis coach is not one dimensional. There’s a class of teaching pro who take their roles very seriously – which is to teach. Very much is the case of our head coach Robbie McCammon. After years of top-level competitive play and more years sharing his skills and knowledge to hundreds of aspiring tennis players over the years, Coach McCammon has taken his craft to the next level.

Years in the making, Coach Robbie has written an instruction guide called Baseline to Baseline. It is a comprehensive guide to improving your tennis game.

“I wrote Baseline to Baseline because as a busy tennis instructor, the thing I am asked most often by my players is what can I do to improve my game? Players often feel they are stuck at a certain level of play,” McCammon said. “But that isn’t true. There are so many facets to the game, from adding specialty shots, to being stronger mentally and approaching each match with multiple strategies that contribute to a player’s performance.”

Coach McCammon wrote the book with local author, Len Serafino, an avid tennis player and student of the game. “I took my first lessons with Robbie and I’ve watched him coach players of all ages and levels. It didn’t take long to realize that he has a deep knowledge of the game and the unique ability to clearly explain, not only how to hit the ball, but when and why to take a specific shot. In Baseline to Baseline, I believe we captured the excellent advice he has been giving his students and teams for years.”

Let’s give Coach McCammon a big Ravenwood Raptor applaud along with former RHS assistant coach and author Len Serafino for their efforts.

The book is available for sale online at Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com  and locally through String N Swing in Brentwood. Certainly, you can buy it directly from Coach McCammon. We’re sure he’s going to be carrying a sharpie so you can get it personally autographed!!!

Go Raptors!!!