Ravenwood High School Tennis

 Ravenwood High School Tennis
Home of the Ravenwood Raptors
Brentwood, TN


PLEASE NOTE: This is a composite schedule of Varsity, JV girls and boys. Check the NOTES column to determine which team is included. For map and directions, click on location name.

** District Match

3/7/17USNRavenwood3:30 pmVarsity boys and girls
3/28/17CentennialCrockett ParkW 9-0/9-0 Girls/Boys** - Varsity boys and girls
3/31/17EnsworthEnsworth High School3:30 pmVARSITY BOYS ONLY
4/4/17BrentwoodCrockett Park3:30 pm** - Varsity boys and girls
4/6/17IndependenceRavenwood3:30 pm** - Varsity boys and girls
4/6/17HarpethHarpeth Hall3:30 pmJV girls
4/7/17TBD3:30 pmVarsity boys and girls
4/8/17TBD4:00 pmVarsity boys and girls
4/11/17DicksonRavenwood3:30 pm** - Varsity boys and girls
4/11/17USNUSN3:30 pmJV boys and girls
4/13/17SummitSummit HS3:30 pm** - Varsity girls
4/18/17MBAMBA3:30 pmVarsity boys
4/19/17HarpethRavenwood3:45 pmVARSITY GIRLS ONLY
4/20/17SummitSummit HS3:30 pm** - Varsity boys
4/24/17FranklinFranklin Rec Center3:45 pm** - Varsity boys and girls
4/25/17TSSAA DistrictFranklin Rec Center3:30 pmBoys & Girls District Matches
5/2/17TBD3:30 pm